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Coconut & Lime Reed Diffuser



Our Coconut & Lime Diffuser is the perfect way to freshen up your home with a tropical touch. Handmade with high-quality ingredients, this diffuser is designed to last for months. The sweet, refreshing scent of coconut and tangy lime will transport you to a sunny paradise, while the sleek design makes for an elegant addition to any room. 


Every Armonie Reed Diffuser is carefully curated to ensure that the blend is harmonised to provide the ultimate fragrance experience. 


Our luxurious range at Armonie delivers a heavenly scent to fill your home. Each fragrance is perfectly blended to captivate every signature note and leaving your space smelling divine.


Coconut & Lime Reed Diffuser

  • Unscrew the bottle cap and remove the clear stopper, then re-attach the cap. 

    Place all the reed sticks inside the opening of the jar. 

    Place the jar on a flat surface, out of reach of children and animals. Place on a protective surface to prohibit spills which can lead to furniture damage. 


    Lasts up to 6 months. 

    Flip the reeds when you desire a stronger burst of fragrace. 

    Air conditioning, heating and humidity can affect the longevity of your reeds and fragrance distribution.  

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