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We want you to fall in love with your fragranced Armonie Candle, however, to ensure you get the best out of your candle, please follow the tips and safety precautions to avoid injury and / or property damage, please use the guide below.

Candle Safety Guideline:

These are some guidelines for you to follow for you to maintain and get the best out of your candle.

  1. Keep your candle away from flammable objects, pets and children

  2. Use a candle snuffer to extinguish your candle, or gently blow across the flame

  3. Never extinguish your candle with water, any other sort of moisture, or lid

  4. Never leave your burning candle unattended

  5. Do not burn your candle for more than three hours at a time. If you want to use it again, ensure you allow it to cool and trim the wick before lighting it again

  6. Before moving your candle, ensure it is extinguished, the wax has solidified, and the container is cool

  7. Only burn your candle on a flat heat-resistant surface

  8. Do not allow your candle to burn to the base of the container. We advise that you extinguish and dispose of it when there is 8mm of wax remaining, this is to avoid the jar becoming overheated and possibly breaking

  9. Replace lid once wax is cool, to prevent dust build up

  10. Leave the recommended space between candles when you are burning more than one candle at a time to prevent burn/heat issues

  11. Ensure your candle is stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

  12. Do not burn your candle in drafty areas, close to an open window, air ducts or fans

 13. When you first burn your Armonie candle, make sure it burns until the wax pool reaches the edge of the jar. This ensures your candle will always burn even and you get the most from your candle

Candle Care for optimal and safe burning:


These are some guidelines for you to follow for you to maintain and get the best out of your candle

  1. Always ensure your candle wick is trimmed before each burn

  2. All candles with multiple wicks must be lit at the same time

  3. The wick of the candle must always be at the centre of the candle and not touch the sides of the jar, this is to avoid overheating the glass

  4. The wax pool should be kept free from foreign objects like wick trimmings,  match debris and flammable objects

  5. You should not at any point in time throw water into the wax pool. This is to avoid the water from turning into heat and causing the candle to suddenly explode

Wax Melts Safe Use: 

These are some guidelines for you to follow to safely use and maintain your wax melts

1.  Never remove the melted wax whilst still hot.

2.  Allow wax to cool and start to harden before removing

3.  Do not remove any wax whilst burner is still switched on or has a tealight burning 

4. Always burn within sight and away from flammable objects, pets and children

5.  Only use metal cup tealights only in the unit

6.  Extinguish the flame and allow the wax melt to cool and harden before removing.

7. Do not use any metal objects to remove wax from warmer, as this can cause damage and possible cracking of the unit.  

8.  Do not use the warmer if it is chipped, cracked or damaged in any way

9.  The warmer will become hot during use, do not touch or move until it is cool​

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