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Where are Armonie products made?

All Armonie products are made in Adelaide, South Australia.



What is the black residue around my candle glass?

All candles should have the wicks trimmed to about 6mm from the wax, only then will the candle stop emitting carbon - the black residue. Ensure the candle is not oxygen-starved and never burn in any draughts.

Black residue can easily be removed from the glass with a damp paper towel or cloth.

My candle does not smell when it’s burning?

This is a very complex area, and the ability to ‘throw’ the scent can be affected by many factors. You may be burning too small a candle for the area, for example a small candle will not fill a large open area strongly. Try moving your candle to a smaller room close all doors and windows and relight. Should it still have no fragrance, please contact


What wicks do you use?

Armonie candles only use lead-free cotton wicks, allowing for a longer, cleaner burning experience. Our wax is a non-toxic food grade paraffin.   


How do I remove spilt wax?

Allow the wax to cool, then use a plastic spatula to gently scrape away the wax, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.  





Has my order been shipped?

Once an order has been despatched from our Adelaide store, you will receive an email notification along with a tracking number. 

What are the delivery costs?

Standard delivery within Australia is $9.95

Express Delivery within Australia is $14.95

International or overseas – please contact for a quote




Please allow up to 12 days from the day of email notification of shipping. Should you still have not received your item, please contact Armonie at and provide us with your order details and tracking number.


Which shipping provider do you use?

We use various Australian shipping companies and couriers to deliver our products.


Can I cancel my order?

Any order can only be cancelled up to the despatch. Once your order is despatched we cannot cancel the order.


How do I return my candle?

In the first instance please email to confirm reason for returning the candle. Should the product be deemed faulty we will replace free of charge, however we cannot accept any returns for change of mind.






Do you do private label or wedding candles?

Yes we do! Please email our team at to discuss your requirements.


How do I stock Armonie products in my store?

You can apply for more information by emailing to discuss further. We only allow a minimum number of stockists in an area to hold our range. 

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