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Beach Retreat Wax Melts



Escape to the beach with our Beach Retreat wax melts. Let the sea salt fill the air, and the middle notes of citrus enhance the refreshing fragrance. These wax melts feature a refreshing blend of citrus and sea salt, creating a light and invigorating fragrance that will transport you to a sandy shoreline. 


Our luxurious range at Armonie delivers a heavenly scent to fill your home. Each fragrance is perfectly blended to captivate every signature note and leaving your space smelling divine.


Beach Retreat Wax Melts

  • Simply place a cube of your Armonie wax melts into your wax melt burner.

    Once your wax melt is starting to become less fragrant, remove the used wax once cooled and replace with a new Armonie wax melt cube. 

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